Monday, August 31, 2009

My Life: With Photo's

Dear friends + family +random on goer's who find my profile very interesting,
these photos express my intrest of flabberghasted relationships, fun with friends, fun with my good ol' brotherin's, and fun while watching my sister in law mara eat pasta. This class is meant to be a project of wits, skill, and determination to conquer the internet. I find it most interestingly that people can connect through blogs/the internet now-a-days. I mean, come on, thats awesome! My friend zoe and I were talking about how the earth is evolving. And it dawned on me, the world IS internet. Everything around us is turning into electronic devices that control other electronic devices and so on. Zoe and I discussed a plan that would stop this irradication of electronic "machines" that will,in fact, take over the planet and rule the world. But as we were planning our so called, " assassination" on non-human machines, a professor, professor Benny opened up our minds with the great use of technology, including photographs. If we didn't live with technology today, I would not be writing this so called "silly" post on the vast growing internet. Photos are ways of life and a way to express life through still images. Thats one of the coolest things ever. In my opinion, photos are like stopping the world around us, stoppping anything and everything that you want to stop. Just snap the photo, and you have stopped a part of time/history in your life. As I sit in this dark classroom next to my friend tay tay, i wonder about when virginia is going to explode with racism and dark ages. Tay Tay's hair reminds me of the fire that burnt down the gap in toronto. We also discussed the possibilities of eventually machines taking over the world too. Her side of the story exclaims that machines will never be able to think, have dreams, or have feelings of love, compassion, and the worst, hate. Many scientists have found that if you eat eggo's each day, your skin will eventually turn into waffle crust. The light reflecting off of the computer screen seems fake, it seems as if machines help us with everyday things, and eventually will take over OUR part of OUR lives, therefore, machines run us. But there is another side of this story, as I have exclaimed many times now, machines can and probably will eventually take over our daily use of lives as human beings. But what makes a human, human? What attributes? Hair, feelings, the brain in general, the ability to think critically and dream? All of these can be explored from the world of photography. You see, if the world is taken over my machines, the only part of history for the next generation ( if there is any) of humans to come after the machines will be photographs. Just like what the Egyptians did, the pictures they wrote on the wall to express what their history is like in their time of living. Even though we live thousands of years later, us humans might have to do this to pass along the message to stop the world from collapsing in on itself. Printers, computers, books, cell-phones, ipods, clocks, refrigerators, and yes, even camera's will become machines. It is said by top numbered scientists that if you come in contact with, say a camera, it will shoot its ultra violet shapshot's right at your face. You will be immediately blinded, while at the same time other electronic devices will scar you until there is no flesh on your body. They are cruel, vicious creatures, and they need to be stopped quickly. We have already seen some cases in Japan, they will be the leading source to our worlds disaster. Come now, and join Zoe and I, in the fight for all man kind/living things/the legalization of marrying inadament objects, and help fight crime starting today.