Monday, May 17, 2010

Photograph review

Kelly Anderson-Staley:

Her photos give off immense heat which reluctantly bring in an emotion point of view towards ones life. I am talking, of course, about the photograph which presents an old man, with a light blue towel, lookin’ in the mirror, with a shaving razor in his hand. The immense color contrast really brings out the oldness of the man, and shows what Kelly is looking for in the photograph: emotion galore with a twist of isolationism.

Mark Lyon:

It’s funny how Mark Lyon is a runner up in this competition because some of his photographs seem like a nine year old could take them. The “ Stewart Airport. Baggage claim” photograph explains his neat but accentual style of photography. Immense color fill the picture, while the backround explains something completely different. It is interesting, but I’m not sure if it is the right style for a big competition. If he really wanted to win than he would have done something more unique and better laid out.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

My People..."what do you mean, your people?"

Spencer’s way of making a good, well rounded photograph is simple: catch & shoot, patterns & objects, various assortments of chairs, lamps, posters, etc. When switched to black + white, his photos take on a new era of photography, simple, but amazing coordinate towards his vision of success. Most of his amazing photos are black and white, with high contrast and exposure. I love that. That’s good. He has created his own visual voice by doing this. He is the black and white photographer.

I thought long and hard about choosing which picture I have in mind for commemorating Spencer for his great achievements. After fourteen days in the cold winter snow, I finally chose his picture called; “untitled” represents Spencer’s uncanny wit, and unmatched creativity in the photographic realm.

Mara’s intense color contrast is somewhat completely opposite that of Spencer’s. Her photos of people really accentuate her stylistic view of society, and how things could change so very much. Her visual voice is pure with joy and love, but at the same time filled with anxiety and distress. She is the only photographer I’ve known that has made me cry and laugh at the same time. Her style is like no others in this class, and I feel because of her personality it will stay that way for all eternity. She is the best in the class.

Her diptych photograph of feet only puts the accent on her visual voice completely. The style, angle of which the photo was taken, color, contrast, all fit the bill
For her visual voice.

Zoe’s style is like no others. She does not mess around, nor be careful. Her life consists of amazingness and tragedies, which accentuate her photographs to their fullest extent. Color or black and white, her photos take the shape which are similar to professionals. I feel as if she is the only one in the class which actually doesn’t have one visual voice, because she can make up a completely different style of photograph with each shot. That is what makes her so amazing at this stylish sport.

I had to choose a couple photographs not only because I feel like a professional picking out her photos, but because they are so great, so wonderfully positioned, so accurately depicted, that it makes me tear. This first photograph is so good its actually my desktop background, now if that doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what will.

Although Benny has mad competition between mara and Zoe, he denounces them to janitors when one sees his photographs. From his dog portraits to his sunset photographs, he accentuates all assets of life, nature, and people. He doesn’t use much of cropping, but that’s because he doesn’t need to. Even before he edits them they are purely amazing. His photos are full life joy and happiness, and I believe that he has created this visual voice of exactly that.

It actually wasn’t hard trying to find which photos to pick out, because all of them are just truly amazing. Both the contrast and color are immense in all of his photos.

Minsoo has a style that no one else has. He has an eye for this sport, and his contrast technique works for mostly everyone of his pictures. There is so much going on in his pictures that its hard to see what he’s really looking for. But if you really know Minsoo, you would know that what he’s looking for is everything. Everything that occurs in life, seems to be his main philosophy for taking pictures, and I dig it tremendously.

This black and white vertical picture accentuates all of his facilities towards photographs. There are so many objects in the picture, but they somehow flow together in a nice pattern. This is Minsoo’s style of photography.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nathan Lyons

Not only does he have an original and suave name, Nathan Lyons is one of the greatest modern photographers of our present day lives and witnesses. His photography mainly focuses one the fractures of American society itself, unfolded. One of his recent photo albums called "9/11" has been passed around the art and publication studios.