Friday, October 16, 2009

$...Fire Fighter Poem...$

A heated, witty, pure, heroic man walks through the building.
Lights, everywhere.
Fire, everywhere.
Eyes blinded by the woman of sunlight.
Thoughts whirl around the heroes head: death, life, and love.
Trapped beneath the blazing log, remembering the childhood,
the hero falls into his sleep.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

*Fire Fighterz*

What comes after the 5.0? What can potentially save your life? What can put out one of the hottest natural things on Earth? Who run's into burning buildings to save a poor little dog? Who climbs ladders so save a poor little cat from a tree? Fire Fighters. The life savers of the country, the heroes, the " Mr. Nice Guy's". I spent 24 hours with the hero's crew and got to see what they do. This is a series of pictures that show my 1 full day training with the true heroes.

My first mission, Approx. 9:00 am, helping the crew to save a mentally unstable woman who escaped from " Happy People's" mental institution. She claimed she had a knife, and a pile of rocks she would throw at us if we came close to her. So I used my psychic abilities to lure her into a state of depression, shown in the image, and then suddenly snatched her from the tree, harming no one and saving the day. Just another day in the life of a fighter.

Fire Fighter's need to be fit and equipped with the heaviest artillery and materials at all times, because part of the job is to be alert 24/7. I was wearing a woman's size fire fighter jacket. It was snug, but it let me be nimble and provided me with the freedom to move around.

At the wheel of the truck...posted and poised, ready to respond to any un-nerving call about anything, with endless possibilities. The October blinding sunlight was too heavy for even us, heroes. We have to look away. As it shone on the different homes, it seemed as if every house in San Francisco had a fire. It was a scary time for us heroes.

What's going to happen next? what will encounter upon us? A trapped soul? Or a collapsing building? We wait, and think uneasily for that loud bell to ring to give us the go. Our future is not predestined, in fact, it's the complete opposite.

While looking ahead at the next few uprising intersections, wondering how bad this call actually is,

About 45 minutes after the rescue of the mentally unstable cat woman, we got another call about some people trapped on the roof, which required hand tools such as axes, pliers. and and hammer. I was scared climbing up there, I have to admit, but I knew I was saving someone's life.

Trying to break open the locked up cage where the people were located, I used all my brute force to cut the thick, steel wires. I finally had to call for help over the radio when 10 seconds later two firemen came and surprisingly broke it open. It looks much easier when a real hero accomplishes something doesn't it?

Heroic after the hard day, I felt like showing my intensity and masculinity by putting the war torn axe in my mouth.

Waving goodbye to the few spectators who clapped when we successfully saved the peoples lives. Heroes don't need attention to be heroes.